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What Can I Do If I Need Cash Now?

Gone are the days when all you can say is “I need money now” but you know you can’t do anything because you have a bad credit remark. Today, many lenders are willing to consider anyone as long as they are capable of repaying the loan, including bad credit borrowers, unemployed, or those who have no credit history. Most of them offer unparalleled service so that loan seekers can have quick access to the cash they need. In addition, it comes with minimum convenience, unlike the ones often experience in banks and conventional lending facilities. However, there are still lenders online who are making the application process a little more difficult especially to those who have a bad credit rating; worse, they may apply hidden fees and inflexible repayment terms. So before you submit an application online, be sure to find someone who will provide an easy, fast, and transparent application process. With the right lender, your finances are not the only satisfied but you as well with their great customer service. Referrals from the people you trust are one way to find appropriate lenders.

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How do I apply for a loan if I need money now?

“I need money now!” – if that’s your mantra for today, you probably need short-term loan offered in an instant. Unfortunately, short-term loans have a bad reputation primarily because of the exorbitant interest rate they apply. There are quite a number of loan sharks you should really avoid but how will you know if it’s the right one.

Most people would suggest looking at the rates offered but to be able to maximise your loan experience, you should consider not only the charges but other factors as well such as the customer service, repayment term, application process, etc.

  • Flexible Loans

Whether you need £100 to pay your credit card bill or £300 to catch up with the rent payments, it doesn’t make sense to borrow an amount more than what you really need, even if it’s £1,000. Sure you have a lot of extra cash but this will only put you into more trouble since you’re likely to settle a higher interest rate. Therefore, find an ‘ I need money now’ lender who will offer a flexible service; someone who will allow you to apply for the exact amount you need to borrow.

If you just need an amount that will tide you over the next payday or after two weeks, you don’t need an amount that lasts for a month. By borrowing only the money you need, you can save yourself from the temptation of buying or funding something that’s unnecessary.

  • Quick And Easy Application Process

What’s the point of borrowing instant cash when you can’t have it within 24 hours? Therefore, if you need a quick loan, find a lender who can offer the fund you need in the soonest possible time. There are quite a few lenders who are willing to make the entire loan application process easy. In fact, there are ‘I need money now’ lenders who will only require you to fill out a 2-minute application form, wait for a verification and decision and once approved, you can have the money you need in as fast as 30 minutes.

  • Transparent Terms And Conditions

No matter how appealing the ‘I need money now’ lender is, do not forget to read and understand the policy stated in their loan contract. Before you put your signature, make sure that you’re aware of all the fees to avoid paying for hidden charges, and if there’s any confusion, make sure to clarify it with the lender. Licensed lenders have nothing to hide about, thus they are more than willing to explain every loan-related things in their contract.

  • Excellent Customer Service

Even if the ‘I need money now’ lender offers the cheapest rate, it’s useless if their customer service is bad. If the representatives are either busy or unprofessional, it’s best to look for a new loan provider. After all, your relationship with the lender will only end if you have fully settled the loan and in case there are concerns, it’s still best if you can talk it easily with the loan company.

  • Lowest Annual Percentage Rate

The interest rate is not the only amount you should be worried at but the entire charges associated with the loan as well. Therefore, before you borrow, check the exact amount – or at least the estimated price – you need to settle.

  • UK-Based Companies

Not all the lending companies you see online are based in the United Kingdom, thus it’s kind of confusing if a situation arises. How are you going to call them? Can you visit their loan office? Thus when borrowing a loan, find a company that is situated in the UK so you can have quick access to them when it’s necessary. Being in the same state also means they are fully regulated and compliant.

  • No Credit Check

In the UK, almost all lenders are required to perform some sort of credit check to determine the creditworthiness of the loan seeker. If you have a bad credit, this might not sound well; however, this doesn’t mean that you will be rejected automatically. Some credit checking is done only to verify all the details provided. Also, it determines the maximum amount you can apply for and the interest rate to be charged on your loan. If you are just about to start creating a credit history, there are still bad credit ‘I need money now’ lenders willing to accept your request.

I need to borrow money now. How much can I borrow?

Every ‘I need money now’ lender has their own criteria for qualification but basically, they look for these things:

  • Age – The borrower should be at least 18 years old, or 21 for some.
  • Source Of Income – The ‘I need money now’ borrower should be a regular employee; if not, at least have some source of stable income coming from a pension or benefits.
  • Bank account – The ‘I need money now’ borrower should have a working bank account where he can receive the fund and settle the loan. This will also be used to verify his finances.
  • Collateral (Optional) – The ‘I need money now’ borrower should pledge an asset in case he is borrowing a large amount of cash.